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5 functional Items that will make your Life easier in 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Life is complicated and getting more complex every day. Meanwhile, we try to orchestrate our life in a more and more efficient manner. Hereafter, we present 5 gadgets that make your life a little simpler.

Multiscreen Clip Mountie

We live in a world surrounded by many screens. Waking up muting our phones’ alarms and checking the notifications, checking news on the tablet during breakfast and our laptops or desktops, respectively.

But what if you for some reason need to put 2 screens together? Would it not be nice to have a simple option to put the mobile right next to our laptop to check out the offer we received by SMS on the website with a bigger screen or simply using the tablet as a second screen during home office?

Well, tenondesign is one of the solutions that allows you to easily connect 2 devices.

Homeoffice with Smartphone Mount

Symbolic image, free license

Multifunctional Pendrive

The second gadget is a product that has been on the market for a while, but some enhancements have been made.

When laptops had to become smaller and smaller as well as cheaper, at some point the producers started to completely neglect the disc drive in their products and pen drives quickly rose to a new high in popularity. Granted, this has been a few years back already, but with all the formats and devices available, they still prove very useful when loading your pictures from the camera or your external hard drive through your laptop or passing by your CV to your boy- or girlfriend’s device for proofreading purposes.

DHgate presents a solution where you can fit several of the most popular cards on it and plug them either with the conventional USB 2.0 or – if you are working with a tablet without this port - the USB micro port to your device.

Multifunctional Pendrive

Symbolic image, free license


This contender is a cool keychain that was born to make life easier during military

service and has made its way onto our list next. Because keys got lost over and over again. Because the fellow soldiers were punished every time, they invented a simple product to attach the keys to the trousers.

This leather strap was then developed further and the products now serve

as functional and unique keychains to guard your personal belongings. The advanced, fully closing fastener and the polyvalent and super strong and durable bull leather strap can be attached to wallets, keys as well as phones in order to attach them securely to your trousers, backpacks, handbags (yes, you no longer have to comb through your items like Marry Poppins before you find what you need) and many other useful places.

This cool keychain is an easy way to prevent your belongings from losing them,

falling out of your bag, pockets or getting stolen!

The finished products represent awesome keychains for guys and for girls, The cool keyrings can be used in many different applications. Check out the detailed product description to get to know more about the best leather keychain for you online available!

RASGY Accessory in a private and professional Applications

RASGY in a private and professional application, all rights reserved


The next item to have is intangible because it is a simple website and app. Still, I find it very useful. There are several providers of very similar websites, but we selected this one.