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How to wear a Nato Strap

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

NATO straps were developed originally for British soldiers back in the 1970s when they were released under the name “G10.” They earned this name from the requisition form for the straps. This strap grew fast in the military and gradually gained popularity in civilian population due to its numerous features and strengths. At the end of the Cold War, these straps were sold in military stores all over the country and were branded with a NATO surplus number. They have remained popular to date and will be in the decades to come due to their many advantages.

NATO watch straps have one main feature which is its’ single-piece construction where other straps are made of two separate pieces that can only be removed by removing both spring bars on the watch. NATO straps are easy to switch in a matter of seconds. The watch keeper strap ensures the watch remains on your wrist even if one of the springs snaps. These unique features are what makes NATO straps a must have for everyone serious about watches and quality straps for every situation.

Change a NATO Strap

One of the main Advantages of the NATO straps is the fact that they are easy and fast changeable. This way you can always wear the perfect color strap matching your outfit.

Wear a NATO Strap

There are mainly 2 ways of wearing the strap, the single and the double loop.

Single Loop

The single loop requires you to insert your wrist after threading the tail but before tightening it. This gives the watch less of a raise and less of a bulk, so you can comfortably wear it under your shirt.

Double Loop

This is the most common way to wear a NATO. The Double loop requires you to insert your wrist after tightenning the tail. This look raises your watch and feels alot more comfortable and secure while making your watch stand out.

What if the Strap is too long?

If the strap does not fit perfectly at your first try, there are options to adjust it, no worries!

Reverse overlapping Part

This is what most people tend to do when the strap is too long. As always it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people tend to not like it because it often looks alot chunkier, specially when having a watch with an elegant or simple design.

Lower Head

Many people don't know this. Lowering the head on the strap does not make the strap look shorter but just makes sure that the overlaping part is further down on your wrist and doesn't stand out as much when checking the time.

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