• Lisa

Which Watch fits me?

Watches are never as simple as they look. When you understand the various types of watches available in the market, you will realize how different watches have different things to offer and will have the option to save yourself from burning through precious time.

Getting the necessary information about these categories is an excellent way to narrow your search.

Different Type of Watches

Dress Watches

Dress watches are generally elegant and aesthetically simple. A dress watch is your business and formal suit companion. It should be precisely slim enough to be hidden under a shirt cuff and delicate enough not to draw attention. These formal dress pieces usually comprise of a leather strap, and design-free ornamented dial and bezel. These are pretty much expensive, well suited to CEO's and executives. Scratcher – Oh no, please.

Smart Watches

These are hybrids that look like watches but have intelligent capacity synchronizing with your smartphones. Smartwatches are more suitable for the young age group for the weekends or workouts. No way – do not look good with formal suiting.

Aviation Watches

These are associated with pilots since the emergence of aviation. Apart from the large size dial, these have luminescent hands and numerals for good readability. Often, a chronograph function is still an integral part of this style. Looks good with casual wear only.

Dive Watches

This watch is a medium-sized, water, and corrosion resistant piece built with a specific type of adventurers in mind – The Divers. The dive watches can endure a substantial amount of water pressure, and its bezel shows the amount of time the diver spent underwater. Their sporty and casual look goes well with your informal wear and gatherings.

Tactical/Military Watches

Certain watches fall in the line between dressy and casual, refined but jagged at the same time. With establishes in fluctuated fields running from strategic tasks to an outside investigation, the field watch is the timepiece to go to when you need something sturdy, useful, yet dashing.

The field watch varies in size from small to medium. These are built with flexibility and utility in mind. They are made from durable, robust materials, have canvas or leather band, and often have useful complications. They have easy to read high contrast dials with glare-proof crystal, luminous hands, and large numerals – Meeting your all needs.

Perhaps, you would have understood by now that watches are not as simple as we assume. Watches can really offer considerably more than just time. Which timepiece is perfect for your lifestyle?