A cool Keychain for your Belongings!

Dating back to when a little innovation made our lifes better during military service, we have developed a multifunctional, super durable and cool gadget to guard and secure your personal items such as keys, wallets, badgets or mobile phones and prevent them from getting lost, falling out of your bag, pockets or getting stolen!

Get your RASGY now in order to enjoy your Summer in a stress-free way!

Rasgy Brown




Features of RASGY:

- Super durable buffalo leather for longevity

- Advanced and completely closing lock to keep your items secured

- Multifunctional usage of both, the lock and the band to attach your item

- Simple and unobtrusive mounting and removal of the product with 1 hand

- Affordable and fair prices as well as quick delivery


Marta C.

Thanks to your gadget I finally don't have to search for my keys anymore in my handbag because I can attach them to either ring of the shoulder straps in my bag. I highly recommend this affordable time saver! Thanks a lot for this!

Jordi M.

Por fin he encontrado el llavero para poder escalar en las montañas sin miedo de perder mis llaves! Cuando se haya acabado el confinamiento sera la primera cosa que haré! Moltes gràcies Xavals!

Manuel R.

I use my Rasgy mostly for Skateboarding. I also attached the Rasgy to my phone which I find really cool. Keeps my phone and keys in my Pocket while I longboard along the Beach.
Practical and easy :)

The Story behind RASGY​

A few years ago, I was in the military where we lodged in a 10 people dorm room. One of us fellows was responsible for carrying and guarding the room key for a day. Whenever someone lost the key, as a punishment he would have to carry around the next key with a big 1-kilogram wooden block attached for an entire day. In case he lost the key again, he would have to carry around an even heavier 3-kilogram bucket of sand attached to the key for an entire day. Obviously, nobody wanted to lose the key anymore and we needed to safely guard our key. That is where my friend and I came up with an idea and we decided to simply attach the key with a string directly to our belt or pants. By doing so, we made sure it did not fall out until we got back to the dorm room after our training.

When we came back home from military service, we noticed several situations in our lifes where such an attached key, wallet or even phone would have been very useful. Therefore, we decided to fiddle around and start producing these strings in a bit more of a fashionable, but still affordable way. Soon after, RASGY was born.


Who invented Keychains?

Keychains - or better keyrings were invented at the end of the 19th century by travelling folks. Originally, it was used to attach luck tokens during wars or souvenirs from missions abroad. Later, companies started to offer key rings rather as merchandising. With the digital age arriving and people carrying more and more personal belongings, they keyrings started to carry personal belongings.

What is the purpose of a Keychain?

Nowadays, the application of keychains ranges from purely decorational with memories from all kinds of life to the attachment of the most valuable belongings to ones belt, backpack or handbag.

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